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To celebrate the start of the mussel season NoTwenty9 will be holding a fantastic event inspired by our love of cooking on fire and the renowned Pinewoods at Holkham with a four course menu and wine!

A special South Western French dish ‘éclade de moules’, or mussels cooked under pine needles. This dish originated with local mussel fishermen who landed their boats on beaches fringed with Pine forests. To cook their mussels they would bury them in a mound of dry pine needles and set the whole thing alight.

But this wasn’t simply a practical way of cooking mussels using available resources. The fishermen also found that the pine needles imparted a unique smokey flavour to the molluscs, a sensational taste that soon took ‘éclade de moules’ beyond the fishing community to become a campfire favourite.

Jeremy, our Executive Head Chef, and his kitchen brigade will carefully arrange the mussels hinge-side up so as that ash from the fire does not fall too freely into the shells.

Once in place, the mussels are covered with a thick layer of pine needles. Then the whole thing is set alight and, if necessary, fanned to spread the flames evenly. Hopefully, no fire extinguisher required!

The intense heat steams the mussels in their own liquid, and as they begin to open they take on more of the pine-flavoured smokiness of the fire. When the smoked molluscs are ready, we simply fan away the ash and they can be picked directly from the table served with crispy bread, butter and a glass of Mâcon.

Of course, please bring a coat as this part will take place in our lovely Courtyard!

We will then move back into the Orangery where you will be served the rest of this fantastic menu.


Saffron & Mussel Tart, Pickled Vegetable Salad


Classic Moules Marinières with Homemade Crispy French Style Bread & Fries


Another Classic….Lemon Tart!

£40.00 per person

A full wine flight is available for £18.00 per person

Limited spaces, booking is essential

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